Series Producer, Senior Producer, Edit Producer, Producer / Director credits:


The Real Marigold Hotel  (Twofour - Edit Producer)

Rip Off Britain Live  (BBC Studios - Series Producer)

This Is My Song  (Boundless - Edit Producer)

Eat Well For Less  (RDF Television - Senior Producer, Producer / Director with edit, Edit Producer)

Paul O'Grady: The Sally Army & Me  (ITV Studios - Edit Producer)

The Apprentice  (Boundless - Producer / Director)


Forensics: The Real CSI  (Blast Films - Edit Producer)

DNA Family Secrets  (Minnow Films - Edit Producer)

Surgeons: At The Edge Of Life  (Dragonfly - Edit Producer)

Inside Monaco: Playground Of The Rich  (Spun Gold - Edit Producer)

What Britain Buys And Sells In A Day  (Darlow Smithson - Edit Producer)

Famously Unfit... For Sport Relief  (Little Gem - Edit Producer)

The Choir: Gareth's Best In Britain  (Twenty Twenty - Edit Producer)

Collectaholics  (RDF Television - Edit Producer)

The Kitchen  (Studio Lambert - Edit Producer)


Save Money: Good Food  (Crackit Productions - Series Producer)

Cook Me The Money  (ITV Studios - Edit Producer, Producer / Director)

Surprise Surprise  (ITV Studios - Producer / Director)

May The Best House Win Abroad  (ITV Studios - Edit Producer)

60 Minute Makeover  (ITV Studios - Series Director, Senior Producer, Edit Producer)

Homes From Hell  (ITV Studios - Producer / Director with edit)

Real Crime  (ITV Studios - Producer / Director with edit)


SAS: Who Dares Wins  (Minnow Films - Edit Producer)

Changing Rooms  (Shine - Series Producer)

60 Days On The Streets  (Boundless - Edit Producer)

Educating Greater Manchester  (Twofour - Edit Producer)

First Dates  (Twenty Twenty - Edit Producer)

Location, Location, Location  (IWC Media - Edit Producer, Director)

Mary Portas: Secret Shopper  (Optomen - Edit Producer)

Amazing Spaces: Shed Of The Year  (Plum Pictures - Edit Producer)

Come Dine With Me  (ITV Studios - Producer / Director with edit)

Four In A Bed  (Studio Lambert - Producer / Director with edit)

Undercover Boss  (Studio Lambert - Edit Producer)


Christmas Cruising With Susan Calman  (Viacom - Edit Producer)
The Thames: Britain's Great River With Tony Robinson  (Full Fat TV - Edit Producer)


Extreme School  (Twenty Twenty - Edit Producer)


Don't Tell The Bride  (Renegade Pictures - Edit Producer)


Faster: Race The World  (Twenty Twenty - Edit Producer)

Driving School Of Mum & Dad  (Chocolate Media - Edit Producer)


Steps: On The Road Again  (ITV Studios - Edit Producer)

Jade  (ITV Studios - Edit Producer)


House Hunters International  (Leopard Films USA - Producer / Director)

Earlier credits are listed on my CV.